About Us

We make maps afforable and customizeable

About Mappin

Custom maps are a bit of a niche market, and definitely a nice to have instead of a necessity. However, they are still nice to have! Many websites significantly overcharge for these maps, but I would like to make it more affordable for everyone to celebrate the places they love!

About Me

I am a software engineer that has a passion for creating things, so I'm not in this for the profit. The prices I charge are much lower than competitors and cover the costs of running this service and some of the time I put into this.

Future Plans

  • Higher definition maps
  • Additional map styles
  • Different pin types
  • QR codes to lookup the map

New features I plan to add include:

$2.50 AUD


Competitor prices for the same A1 quality map

$38 AUD

$55 AUD

This is an A4 print so not a direct comparison

$63 AUD